A space enthusiast's best friend.

Own a discord server interested in space? Bored of manually sending launch reminders and events? Want to lay back? Interstellar is the bot for you!

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We're the top choice for a bot to run a space-enthusiast community. Interstellar's wide range of features make it extremely useful, and convenient to use.

Never miss a thing.

We'll alert you about any upcoming events or launches before they happen, so you can watch.

Learn about Space.

Interstellar is packed with educational content about space and the facts we know about it.

View the universe.

View and talk to your friends about pictures from the rovers on Mars, views of the earth, and more.

Up to date.

Using feeds from various sources, we make sure you get the most up to date information thats available.

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Never miss a launch again.

Interstellar can send reminders detailing the time until a launch, along with information about it before a launch actually happens, so your members are aware and reminded to tune in for it.

Look to the stars every day.

Interstellar allows your members to see the Astronomy Picture of The Day, a beloved service by NASA. It can be automatically posted, and you can view any previous picture from any day.

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Learn & Test your Knowledge.

Interstellar allows your users to play quizes, see facts about space and learn about the most significant projects and programs in the world of space.

What are you waiting for?

Invite Interstellar to your server today!

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