Interstellar is the most feature rich and user-friendly discord bot for space-themed discord servers out there.

Never miss a launch again

Send reminders about upcoming launches to your server before they happen, so you know what's going on and when. You can also tell Interstellar to ping certain roles so your members are always aware.

Look to the stars every single day

NASA's Astronomy Picture of The Day is something a lot of people follow, and with Interstellar it becomes so much easier! Interstellar can automatically post the new picture for that day within 5 minutes of it coming out.

Test your members knowledge

Test your skills with our Trivia command, which gives you a certain amount of time to answer a question about space. All the questions are configurable at the Dashboard and can be fitted to the part of space exploration your server focuses on.

Learn about the wonders of space

Space is a weird place, and Interstellar aims to help you understand it. You can view infomation about different planets and bodies and learn about cool satellites that provide us with information about space and the Earth.

Plan your missions perfectly

Do you play Kerbal Space Program? Well we can help you out too! Interstellar has commands that allow you to calculate Delta-V, as well as calculate certain orbital parameters so you can ensure your mission goes well. We even ensure we can also support you RSS players out there!


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