Privacy Policy

This outlines what data we collect, how we store it, and how we use it.

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Interstellar stores some information about you as part of it's operation. This document covers what we collect and how we use it.

By default Interstellar doesn't store any user information or guild information. When you log in to our website, save guild settings or excecute a command on the Discord Bot that causes an error, we store certain information to allow the bot to work and for us to maintain it.

When you log in on this website, using Discord's implementation of OAuth2, we store the following:

Some of this data is auto-generated by Laravel, our framework for this website. Some of this data comes from Discord after you log in.

When you edit and save any settings for your Discord Server (also known as a Guild) - We have to store that data.
When viewing these pages, we need to get data about your guild for visual purposes as well as practical purposes.

We receive the following information when you view all your servers (your Dashboard Home):

This data is not stored permanently, but is cached for 60 seconds. Once that cache expires, we retreve it again to update it.

We receive the following information when you view a specifc server to edit:
This data is the same as above, not stored permanently but cached for 5 seconds before being removed and marked as outdated.

When it comes to saving your settings, we store the following:
This is stored inside a MySQL Database that only the website and bot can access. The only human that has access is Livaco#0420, the developer, no one else. This system is not predicted to change.

When Interstellar errors when executing a command you were running, we use a service called Sentry to track this. The information Sentry logs is dependent on what you're using.

When an error occurs on the website, Sentry takes the folllowing information:

When an error occurs on the bot, Sentry takes the folllowing information:
This information is stored on Sentry's servers and not by us.