Terms of Service

These are the terms you agree to by using our website and discord bot.

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To use Interstellar you must follow the terms described in this document. If you can't do this, we invite you to not use our discord bot and website.

To use Interstellar you must follow Discord TOS as it is hosted on Discord's platform.
You must be at minimum 13 and the above the age of what your country deems legal to be on the internet and have data being collected/stored.
We don't knowingly collect/process data from anyone below 13.

Using Interstellar, you must not.

You alone are responsible for the actions your account makes.
We hold the right to block you from using Interstellar as a service at any time for any reason without warning. This is done via a "blacklist" - where we can block individual users or servers from using Interstellar, both the bot and website. Other reasons may include but are not limited to: